The Special B.R. Bears Collection was created after I heard the following story from a Detective on the San Antonio, Texas Police Department who had previously worked in their Sex Crimes Unit.  With this new awareness and heartfelt need, I am donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of any of the Special B.R. Bears Collection items to the ChildSafe, Child Advocacy Center to help benefit children who have suffered from various forms of abuse.  Here is my friend BJR’s story:

"As a Detective in the Sex Crimes Unit of the San Antonio Police Department I had an inspiration to give a special teddy bear to each of the children who had been dealing with various forms of sexual, mental and physical abuse. “B.R. Bears” are a collection of bears that were donated to the Unit or bears that were specially made for me because of my work. The bears that were chosen for this endeavor were very special in their makeup and character and were a part of my office environment. When a child came to my office they had the feeling of being in a safe environment. When I gave a child one of these special teddy bears, it was like giving a part of me to them to ease their pain and letting them know they were special. It made me feel good when I saw their smiles and laughter after receiving their bear.

I recently had an unexpected visit from an adult female. She informed me that she was a victim of sexual assault as a teenager and that I was the detective who had investigated her case. She told me of the many trials and tribulations that she had endured due to the assault. The one thing that she remembered the most during that time was receiving one of these special bears. She stated that when she was able to give up her bear that she knew the pain was really gone and she no longer needed her bear. That day finally arrived so she donated her bear to a child at the Women’s Shelter. She then came to visit me to share those feelings.

On another occasion, I received a call from a CPS (Child Protective Services) Caseworker thanking me for giving one of these special bears to a child that she had to interview for sexual assault. When the CPS Caseworker asked the child about the significance of the bear she was holding, the child told her that she got the bear from me when her mother brought her to my office. The Caseworker told me the child said that when I gave her the bear that the bear was her protector. If she was upset about anything, needed to talk to someone about her feelings, if she needed to cry or hold something close to feel safe,  that the bear will be there for her. The CPS Caseworker informed me that it was much easier to interview the child while the child was holding her bear. It was obvious that the bear was providing comfort and security to her.

Although I may not recognize them now, their stories are still imbedded in my mind and those children will always have a special place in my heart."