Cancer has touched all around me for too many years. I lost my mother, father, aunt and several close friends to cancer-related lives. I have also seen many other close friends struggle daily in their personal battles against the disease, all the while hoping for a cure. When my parents were battling their cancers, I lived several thousand miles away so I was unable to be a direct caregiver. I never saw the "up close and personal" part of how this disease affects a person on a day-to-day basis. I never directly witnessed the side effects caused by the treatments, so I have kept the disease at arm's length all these years. I was always afraid to let it get too close to me.

White Egret in Flight, Soaring on a Beautiful Day

It wasn't until 2008, when I visited a longtime friend of 34 years who lives in Washington State. It was then that I realized I needed to take a more active stand against this disease. My friend is a three-time cancer survivor and is very active in cancer-related activities and various support groups. She was informed of this third cancer immediately after her father's unexpected death. Despite her challenges, she stood up again to fight this demon head-on. She was determined that she was going to win this battle for the third time and fortunately she did.  But she and too many others have had to take some very serious side steps in life as they undergo the treatments and the recovery process.

Because of my friend's strength, resolve, commitment, and gregarious nature, she has shown me how important it is for all of us to be more active in this fight against cancer. After all, it has most likely touched each and every one of us in one way or another. I have decided to move from being a passive supporter to a more active advocate in this fight and hope I can bring you with me. Because of my friend in Washington State, I am helping to bridge the fight against cancer from the northwestern to the southeastern states and beyond, as far as we all can reach. 

My intention with creating the series SOARING HIGH…SPREADING HOPE…EVERY DAY, is to bring hope and comfort to all of us. It is also intended to bring strength to whoever can be touched and encouraged to help fight cancer in its many forms, all the while remembering those who have had their own battles. Please open your arms, reach high to the skies and fly strongly with me.