About Our Birds: House Finch

Order:      Passeriformes
Family:     Fringillidae
Genus:     Haemorhous
Species:   Haemorhous mexicanus
Class:       Aves

House Finch on a Beautiful Day

House Finch on a Beautiful Day

Moderate sized bird between 4.9 to 9.8 inches in length. The males have brightly colored red breasts which can vary in coloring due to the amount of berries and fruit in its diet.

Diet:  Mostly grains, seeds and berries and small insects such as aphids. They also eat a large amount of weed seeds such as dandelion and nettle. They frequent bird feeders and particularly enjoy sunflower or nyjer seeds.

All photographs were taken by Patricia S. Clyne, owner of Patsy Clyne Photography.